Fuchsia Cottage

Achill Island, Ireland

Fuchsia Cottage is located in the Newtown area of Keel, which is just up the hill from the Village of Keel on Achill Island, County Mayo, in the West of Ireland. The original stone cottage is 85 years old and was built for the Lavelle family whose members are still the owners. This self-catering cottage has been enlarged and modernized to serve as a holiday home. We have tried to recreate the original cottage interior while providing a comfortable environment. There are three bedrooms, a kitchen and sitting room.

The location overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is a short walking distance from the Village and the beautiful Keel Strand. Achill Island has great natural beauty and many outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, surfing, golf, swimming, diving, horseback riding, windsurfing, sea-kayaking and cycling. Archeological sites and spectacular scenery abound on Achill, which is a haven for writers, artists and musicians.

RamRod-Penta-April 2008